Vogue.italia talent shooting

Vogue.italia talent shooting

In search of the divine

Her past activity as a sculptress has definitely affected her career as a photographer. Sylwia Makris, selected through Photovogue, presents two fashion designers from the Polish and German scene.
A composition of the image which brings to mind classic paintings, contrasting with the futuristic vision of the garments and accessories.
An editorial that looks very different from the previous ones.

Sylwia Makris
"I'm not a photographer, i make pictures."
There is a spark within everything. A living light in the eyes of a person, a memory that flares up, the glow of a passion that was never declared. A face always tells more than it knows, wich is why photography is never a mere reproduction of what is. A good photo tells what was, why might have been or what is waiting painfully beneath the surface.

Sylwia Makris has been in pursuit of these sparks since she first held a camera. Her quest produces images that may delight or disturb but always move the beholder. She photographs people. People who are strong or delicate, broken or dynamic. She photographs faces of our time-and in doing so gives a face to our time.

Sylwia Makris was born in 1973 in Gdynia, Poland. She worked as a sculptor before finding her way to photography in 2007. Today she lives in Munich as freelance photographer. The Photo-Artist was first specialized in Portraits but later on shifted her interest also on reportage and fashion-photography. She had many Publications in Art- and Photogrphic-Magazines and there exists a row of Novels with her Pictures on the Cover.

Photography: Sylwia Makris
Stylist: Sylwia Makris
Assistant Coordinator: Eleonora Giammello
Make-up: Kerstin Stengel and Claudia Busch
Lighting and assistance: Christian Martin Weiss
Model: Angelique Lang
Location: Rabenstein Castle, Zwiesel; Castle Greifenberg, Ammersee.
Coordinated by Sara Maino e Francesco Stefanelli

Angélique Lang
Katarzyna Konieczka

Link: www.vogue.it