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Two years ago a really extraordinary project started. I am really grateful to know such visionary and warm people.
Thank you Arek Hronowski for connecting me to these great people.
It all started as a photo session two years ago in the ruins of an old castle in the mood of "Alice in Wonderland“.
And that is exactly what this place has been turned into those past very busy two years.
It has become an Art-hotel with a totally new standard for the whole region.
12 suites in very individual Designs, a place where you immediately feel cosy and that becomes part of your own imagination and dreams.
You will get addicted if you are a guest, i promise!
A Vision that came true thanks to a wonderful team of Investors, Architects and Artists.

Finally we can show some of the "ruins". Thanks to Ania and Martyna Gorska and to all people that made this possible.



Anna Gorska
Martyna Gorska
Arkadiusz Hronowski
Ewa Hronowska
Izabela Karwacka
Ivo Ledwozyw
Katarzyna Konieczka
Anna Stykala
Karolina Bastrykin