Mox nox

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Photo-shoot Title: MOX NOX (soon it will be night)
Production: Pericles Kondylatos
Concept: Pericles Kondylatos / Sylwia Makris
Photos: Sylwia Makris
Styling: Pericles Kondylatos
Photo assistant: Nikos Karanikolas
Models provided by VN MODELS 
Model coordinator: Dimitris Makris
Make-up: Yannis Marketakis
Christina Ermidi for Make-up Lab by Yiannis Marketakis
Georgios Fytas for Make-up Lab by Yiannis Marketakis
Hair: Nicolas Balalios 
Jewellery by Pericles Kondylatos
Location : Bar-Theatre “Faust”
Clothes by: 
Vasilis Emanuel Zoulias
Kostandinos Melis by Laskos
Hara Lebessi
Celebrity skin
Hats provided by Mad Dollies Rag House
Hats provided also by Katerina Carousou for Vassilis Zoulias 
Vintage clothes & Hats by personal collection of Vassilis Zoulias & Pericles Kondylatos
Accessories for stage by Pericles Kondylatos 
Accessories also by Melis-Laskos, Dimitris Strepkos
Charakters Models:
Vicky Koulianou
Alecos Syssovitis
Noelle Kondylatos
Dimitris Makris 
Stelios Migol
Eleftheria Psiha
Margarita Papandreou
Maria Tsagarakis
Natalia Liar 
Dianna Himeris
Dimitris Costantine
Marianna Mihailova
Eleftheria Psiha 

MOX NOX is a photo-shoot extravaganza that combines the creative talents of Sylwia Makris & Pericles Kondylatos. Both have a taste for the dark and mysterious images that provoke dreams and nightmares. The photo-shoot took place two months ago in the bar theatre Faust and was a collaboration of all the major Greek designers and the photographer Sylwia Makris, under the artistic direction of Pericles Kondylatos. Sylwia Makris is a photographer that lives and works in Munich Germany. She came to Greece just for this project. The photo-shoot aims to show Greek fashion abroad and in these times of deep financial crisis to prove that people can still be creative and enjoy the artistic creation despite the problems. Greek designers merged their powers in order to produce a magical series of photographs that prove that Greek fashion not only exists but it can stand equally next to all other European brands. Greek Creativity not in crisis.